MAXI LIFE Shelf Life extender

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Shelf Life Extender of Fruits, Vegetables & Fish. This is very safe with NIL side effects. It also removes any kind of odour, when sprayed on the object.

About Product

Shelf Life Extender of Fruits, Vegetables & Fish.

When Fruits and vegetables persish, it is a loss to everyone, as it goes into a dustbin instead of a stomach. It need not happen anymore! We have now come out with a Technology based simple device MAXI LIFE, to extend the SHELF LIFE of perishables like fruits, vegetables green, flowers, fish etc., without the use of refrigeration.


Drop the MAXI LIFE Stainles Steel Ball in 1 or 2 liters of water or as required and allow a retentation time of 20 minutes.

The dip the Vegitable / Fruits / Fish etc. in water for a minute and you can keep it over your table in open.

You can also spray or sprinkle water over the items.

Maxi Life Technology:

MAXI LIFE is permanently impregnated with a specific frequency, using our Proprietary Technology called Frequency Embedding Technology.

This Frequency facilitates extension of shelf life of perishables through water.

Since only water is used in this process, which is 100% organic, this is very safe with NIL side effects, Etra

MAXI LIFE also removes and kind of ODOUR / SMELL from any stuff when sprayed.

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