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OM frequency embedded into a Spatika Mala using Frequency Embedding Technology. Wear & get into OM Frequency mode to enjoy optimum wellness by default. Increase your Chakra energy and alignment instantly by default.

About Product

OM Frequency Impregnated Spatik Mala

This Spatik Mala is permanently impregnated with OM Frequency, using our Proprietary ‘Frequency Embedding Technology’. By wearing this Spatik Mala, it helps oneself to get into the OM vibration mode within minutes and start enjoying its vibrational frequency.

Research around the world on OM Frequency by many researches, has revealed amazing all round benefits to a human being who is within this Vibration.

Om is more than a sound, but the vibration of the universe. It is the frequency of energy that connects and joins all things together. It is not a short and sharp sound. It lingers and flows like energy itself. Ommmmmmmmmmmm...

When you open yourself up to the vibration of Om, you will feel yourself grounded not into the earth, but into the cosmos that surround you.

Note: OM Spatik Mala is not a Medical Product and NO medical cures are claimed.

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